NTUitive WSS Scheme

This is an open recruitment call for the NTUitive Work Study Scheme! Take on exciting projects with NTUitive during your time in school!

NTUitive is NTU’s innovation and enterprise company, and is committed to supporting the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. They are also a key partner organisation of NTUES.

We are looking for NTU students with a passion for the startup scene, and have the relevant skillsets to bring innovative ideas to fruition.

Successful applicants will get the chance to work with startup teams undergoing NTUitive’s venture building programmes, and will be remunerated for their work.

You can find out more about some of NTUitive’s startup teams here:


Currently, we have the following roles available:

  • Content and Copywriter
  • Graphic/Website Designer
  • Digital Marketing and Communications
  • Software Engineer (Frontend/Backend)
  • Data Engineer (Data Mining/Analysis)
  • Hardware Engineer

Please feel free to apply via this link tiny.cc/joinntuitive

if you think you are a good fit, and we’ll reach out to you shortly after!

P.S. Selected applicants who are also NTUES members can get priority allocation to their preferred startup teams

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